Night shift or day shift – which is a better fit?

In this episode of “Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences,” you’ll hear Haley, a nursing team lead in Neurology, ENT and Plastics, and Bridget, a hospital supervisor in Nursing Administration, discuss the benefits and challenges of working night shifts versus day shifts. They share their perspectives on how and why their work shifts fit with their busy lives.

Going from butcher and ballet dancer to health care

In this episode of “Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences,” you’ll hear from Robert, a nurse in Pediatrics, and Rusty, a specialist in Patient Appointment Services, as they discuss the changes they’ve made to lead them to their careers in health care. Robert grew up in the family business as a sausage maker, while Rusty previously was a professional ballet dancer and horse farrier.

Listen as they share their journey to working at Mayo Clinic and how their previous careers help them in their current roles.

Working together when you’re generations apart

In this episode of “This Mayo Life,” you’ll hear from Jane and Rielyn as they share their experiences of working together while being generations apart. Jane, of Media Support Services, talks about being a baby boomer and the stereotypes that go along with that generation. Rielyn, also of Media Support Services, discusses life as a millennial and the perceptions and misperceptions her generation faces.

Adopting and what it means to want a child of your own

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences, you’ll hear from Alicia and Aaron as they discuss adoption. Alicia, a nurse in Neurology, learns more about the adoption process from Norman and whether it could be the right fit for her and her husband. Aaron, a project manager in Health Sciences Research, shares his family’s journey of becoming adoptive parents to two children. Aaron also shares how Mayo Clinic’s Adoption Assistance Program made it possible for his family to adopt.

Being neurodiverse and finding your potential

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences, you’ll hear from Georjina and Francie as they share the challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced as people who are neurodiverse. Georjina, a previous intern of Project Search who has a mild cognitive delay, now works in Comparative Medicine with colleague, Francie, who has autism. They discuss their journey to becoming Mayo Clinic staff and their support for one another.

Father-Daughter share experiences working at Mayo Clinic

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experience, you’ll hear from two employees at different points in their career. But they’ve known each other for many years. Doug began his career at Mayo Clinic on the grounds crew during his summer breaks from college. Twenty-eight short years later, Doug is chair of the Department of Facilities and Support Services. His daughter, Nora, was recently hired as an intern at the Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. The father-daughter duo discuss their experiences working at Mayo Clinic.

An award-winning attitude

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences, you’ll hear from Christine, manager of medical transcription, who shares her excitement at nominating Francisco, an Information Technology analyst, for the Individual Award for Service Excellence. This award is given to those who are high achievers and know how to tackle difficult challenges. Their good work inspires and motivates others. Francisco received the Individual Award for Service Excellence and won the Mae Berry Service Excellence Award. The latter award, endowed by Leonard Berry, Ph.D., is given to those who act selflessly to meet the needs of patients and approach them as the highest priority.

Joys and challenges of living life with a disability

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences, you’ll hear from Barbara, an administrative assistant, and Ena, a certified clinical research coordinator, as they discuss their experiences living with a disability. Barbara has been in a wheelchair all her life. Ena has experienced progressive vision loss since her late teens. They talk about the challenges, joys and benefits of being open with colleagues about their disabilities.

Being transgender and finding support in the workplace

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences, you’ll hear from Julian and Scott — both of Central Service — as they reflect on the importance of friendship in the workplace. When Julian was outed as a transgender person, Scott’s support and that of others allowed him to find the courage to stand up for himself, live his life authentically, and be seen as the man he is.

Making the Transition to Civilian Life

In this episode of Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences, you’ll hear Kevin, a respiratory therapist, and his wife Tosca, a pharmacy technician II, discuss their transition from military to civilian life. Kevin is no longer in the military and shares his perspective of what it was like to prepare for work outside the military. Tosca is in the reserves, and she shares the challenges of continuously transitioning roles from military life to civilian life.