On being a working mom

In this episode, you’ll hear from Brenda, vice chair in Revenue Cycle, and Megan, a nurse in Neurologic Surgery, share their journey of motherhood. Brenda shares what it means to her to be a mom in a blended family with children ranging from high school to adult, while Megan shares her perspective of being a new mother.

On the rewards and challenges of raising children of color

In this episode, you’ll hear from Yerronda, an administrative assistant supervisor in Arizona, and Alisha, a medical assistant in Arizona, as they reflect on their experiences raising children of color. Yerronda shares her perspective of being an African American mom raising four African American children while Alisha shares her perspective of being a white mom raising children who are mixed race.

On taking steps to build team camaraderie, improve well-being

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jennifer, an ambulatory nurse manager in Hematology, and Ken, a nurse in Hematology, discuss how they listened to their staff and made small changes to enhance the well-being of their work unit.

Jennifer shares her perspective of being in a leadership role and wanting to help build camaraderie within her team and improve morale. Ken shares his perspective of being a part of the Wellness Committee that created fun ways to motivate their colleagues to improve their well-being.

Being a military parent

In this episode, you’ll hear from Kristin, a nursing education specialist in Florida, and Marcia, a diversity recruitment specialist in Arizona, as they reflect on their experiences of having children in the armed forces.

Kristin’s daughter is in the Critical Care program in the U.S. Army as a nurse, while Marcia has two sons in the U.S. armed forces. Kristin’s daughter was deployed to New York City to help in the Javits Center, a convention center that was converted into a field hospital because of COVID-19. One of Marcia’s sons is in the Air Force and has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

On working from anywhere

In this episode, you’ll hear from Nicola, an Information Technology analyst/programmer, and Brittany, an administrative assistant in the Office of Access Management. They discuss how they have adjusted to working from anywhere. Nicola has worked remotely for seven years while Brittany started a new position at Mayo Clinic and began working remotely on her second day of work.

On always being a student of your profession

In this episode, you’ll hear from Abigail, a nurse at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and Lisa, a nurse midwife at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato, Minnesota, as they reflect on their experiences as students in nurse midwifery at Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

Abigail shares her perspective on life as a current student and her aspirations of becoming a nurse midwife. Lisa looks back on her journey as a student in nurse midwifery and her current role in launching a Nurse Midwife Practice within the Department of Obstetrics in Mankato. They share their thoughts on always being students of their profession — regardless of where they are in their careers.

Finding connections in unexpected places

In this episode of “Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences,” you’ll hear from Evette, a case manager at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and Tara, a surgery scheduler in Minnesota, as they share how a simple message on LinkedIn led them to make a connection, supporting one another and breaking down the walls that might otherwise separate them. How simply saying “I see you. What can I do?” helped lighten a heavy weight and led them to a deeper relationship and understanding.

Night shift or day shift – which is a better fit?

In this episode of “Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences,” you’ll hear Haley, a nursing team lead in Neurology, ENT and Plastics, and Bridget, a hospital supervisor in Nursing Administration, discuss the benefits and challenges of working night shifts versus day shifts. They share their perspectives on how and why their work shifts fit with their busy lives.

Going from butcher and ballet dancer to health care

In this episode of “Mayo Clinic Employee Experiences,” you’ll hear from Robert, a nurse in Pediatrics, and Rusty, a specialist in Patient Appointment Services, as they discuss the changes they’ve made to lead them to their careers in health care. Robert grew up in the family business as a sausage maker, while Rusty previously was a professional ballet dancer and horse farrier.

Listen as they share their journey to working at Mayo Clinic and how their previous careers help them in their current roles.

Working together when you’re generations apart

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jane and Rielyn as they share their experiences of working together while being generations apart. Jane, of Media Support Services, talks about being a baby boomer and the stereotypes that go along with that generation. Rielyn, also of Media Support Services, discusses life as a millennial and the perceptions and misperceptions her generation faces.